Awakening Goddess Unbounded Joy Candle

Awakening Goddess Unbounded Joy Candle

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Joy can often be elusive in today's world, but it's always worth pursuing. It's not a privilege that's reserved for a chosen few or something that only the most “together” people can experience. There's potential for joy in all of us, we just need to awaken it and let it shine through.

Tap into that joy with the Awakening Goddess Unbounded Joy candle.

Blessing: My heart unbound, and cleared of pain. I laugh, I rejoice, I dance in the rain. My tears are dry, my heart is at play, the goddess is awake and Joy has come to stay.


Size: 1.5""x 7"" Pillar
Burn Time: 40 Hours
Color: Turquoise
Scent: Dreamy, earthy sandalwood blend