Deja Vu Foundry - Empath Shield Smudge Spray

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We've all been there. Its been a loooooong day of having the short end of the stick, people are taking their issues out on you, and quite frankly you're one step away from rage-screaming until you fall over. I know them feels. Ok. Let's take a pause and reel it all back in. Everything is going to be fine. We made this spray for empaths and sensitives like you (and me!) because some days are just too full of BS. This is just a better way to cope. DIRECTIONS: Liberally spritz around your person (I've always wanted to use this phrase). Focus on releasing any tension, anxiety, anger, rage, and whatever is just not serving you at the moment. SCENT PROFILE: Grounding, sweet earthy notes, with subtle hints of clean, light floral. COMMON SENSE DERP: For external use only. Do not put it in your eyeballs, please.
Made in United States of America