Deja Vu Foundry - Full Moon Smudge Spray

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This full moon crystal charged smudge spray is charged overnight during a full moon with amethyst and quartz and blended with sage and other essential oils to help clear away bad vibes, negative energy and create a calm, peaceful environment. Super effective in setting the mood for meditation, yoga, or as a grounding protection spray. Not into the woo-woo? Works great as an air freshener, linen refresher, and just to make everything smell spa-like. Scent profile: earthy, green, herbal, grounding. Directions: spritz liberally all over yourself to banish negative energy and bring a sense of calm and peace. Mist pillows, four corners of the home, etc to delicately scent the space and promote well-being. Ingredients: full moon crystal-charged water witch hazel sage and a blend of essential oils love 2oz.
Made in United States of America