Deja Vu Foundry - Self Love Smudge Spray

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Self love. Its an important thang, kids. It all starts here. The original formula was a yummo sugar scrub for a friend that was going through a hard time, but it quickly became a favorite item- so why not make a smudge spray to coordinate. And really, who couldn't use a little more self-appreciation happening in their lives. This world can be a pretty miserable place at times. Its helpful to take a pause to shake off the criticism, judgement, and negativity to simply acknowledge that you’re doing pretty great thank you very much. This smudge is for when you're feeling like the shit and want to celebrate it. This smudge is for when you just feel like shit and need a little soul mending tlc. Two important sides of the same coin that help shape us into our best selves. Scent profile: floral, lush, a touch sweet without being saccharine. Rose for love. Sage for clearing. Lavender to soothe and mend.
Made in United States of America