Haindl Tarot

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Embrace the power of nature and the spiritual traditions of cultures around the world with the Haindl Tarot deck. With its colorful and intricate art, and its references to the Rider-Waite and Thoth Tarot decks, each card is steeped in mystery and wonder. Let its Hindu gods, Celtic goddesses, Ancient Egyptian spirits, and Native American totems guide and inspire you – every journey begins here!

The Haindl Tarot draws people in by the rare quality of its art. A painter who devoted his life to his work, Hermann Haindl brought to his pictures a skill and sophistication rare in modern Tarot decks. Drawn in by the unusual beauty of the cards, people who became familiar with the cards and learned how to use them discovered something more profound: a way of living dedicated to the sacred wonder of the Earth.The Haindl Tarot draws on the spiritual traditions of many cultures. By itself, this in not unique, as quite a few contemporary decks feature art from different cultures and mythologies. The Haindl Tarot, however, connects these traditions to real experience.These seventy-eight paintings reflect Haindl’s devotion to nature, his recognition of the feminine, his travels, his encounters with holy teachers and spirits, his respect for all peoples, his political belief in responsibility for the past and future, and the crises that have shaped his understanding. Drawn to the cards by their unique art, many thousands of people have found their lives changed, sometimes quite dramatically.-- From the Introduction to Haindl Tarot; A Reader’s Handbook by Rachel Pollack