Astro Magic-Mercury  - Truth Serum -  Boxed Candle

Astro Magic-Mercury - Truth Serum - Boxed Candle

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When you need the truth, you need Mercury. Just the facts are what Mercury is concerned about. Use the Mercury candle to empower your mental disciplines of reason, communication, influence, contracts, and the discernment of the truth. The included companion booklet is the guide to customizing the Mercury candle's magic to your specific astrology sign for an experience tailored just for you. Blessing / Invocation: Mercury, show me the truth that is hidden in darkness and in plain sight. Open my eyes to the information I need, to discern illusion from fact, and subjectivity from objectivity. Reveal the truth of this day. Package - 2 x 8 - Contains candle with blessing and companion booklet Candle Size: 1.5 x 7 Booklet: 12 pages Burn Time: 40 Hours Color: Orange Scent: Woodsy Myrrh